How TO Root Lava Xolo X900

This is an updated method on how to root your Lava Xolo X900.
First, you need the file, download it.
Unzip it into c:evoroot on your pc.
Second, put your Lava Xolo X900 into development mode by going to Settings->Applications->Development and turn USB debugging on.

Third, connect your Lava Xolo X900 to your computer and set your USB to Just charge.
Fourth, if you get errors with drivers, install their HTC drivers. (You can also install HTC Sync, but it is bulky!)
Fifth, open up a command prompt by typing cmd.
Sixth, type the following commands: (Or copy and paste, easier!)
cd evoroot

adb push root/ /sdcard/
adb push root/mtd-eng.img /sdcard/
adb push pc36img/ /sdcard/
adb push pc36img/ /sdcard/
adb push root/flash_image /data/local/
adb -d install -r root/z4root.apk
Seventh, go to your phone and launch Z4Root app. Then select temp root and wait until its done.
Eighth,go back to command prompt and type:
adb shell
If you get a pound(#) sign, that means you have temp root, which just gives you temporary root so we can now install permanent root.
Ninth, lets backup our WiMax 4G RSA just in case we lose it during installation of new ROMs.
Mkdir /sdcard/nandroid/RSA-PR-BACKUP
Cat /dev/mtd/mtd0 > /sdcard/nandroid/RSA-PR-BACKUP/wimax.img
busybox sed -n /BEGIN CERTIFICATE/,$p /dev/mtd/mtd0 > /sdcard/rsa_OEM.key
Tenth, go back to command prompt and type the following:
chmod 0755 /data/local/flash_image
./data/local/flash_image misc /sdcard/mtd-eng.img
And reboot to bootloader mode by typing:
reboot bootloader
When bootloader mode starts up, it will look for and after about 3 minutes ask you if you want to install
Say Yes by hitting the volume up button, it should now install the new zip file, should take about 10 minutes. Go grabs some coffee and come back.
Eleventh, reboot when its done by hitting the volume up button.
It will reboot into the OS and we dont want that so takes the battery out and puts it back in it. Then go back to the bootloader by hitting the power button while holding down the volume down button.
Choose Bootloader and wait until you get the triangle sign and type:
adb push recovery /
adb shell busybox Cinstall /sbin
adb shell nohup /sbin/recovery &
Go back to your Lava Xolo X900 and you should see green menus.
Choose install zip from sd card and choose
After that installs, Choose MS-USB
Go to your computer and delete, then rename to
Then power off your Lava Xolo X900, power back on by pressing Power Button while holding down the Volume Down button, this should get you back into bootloader mode.
Simply wait and when it asks to install the update, hit the Volume Up button.
then reboot your Lava Xolo X900, your device should now be rooted with Recovery menu then you can flash new ROMs for Lava Xolo X900.

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