Best VOIP for Nexus 4

As the development of economy and technology, smart phones are becoming more and more important in our daily life especially for their improving business efficiency and reducing costs. You must know what makes smart phones so popular. Apps are what make smart phones useful and helpful. Among so many apps, there are several apps that you must know them and know how they work. This article we will tell you two of the best phone apps that will help you much. They are best VOIP for Nexus 4.

First one: Phone Power

Phone Power is really a good app that can serve everyone including your Nexus 4. No matter you are a single-line customer or from a company call center, it can help you out with phone call problems. Regardless what term you select, you can take unlimited inbound calls and as high as 5, 000 minutes calls each month. If you select long-term services, it will give you lower rates. It is said by its customers that it is one of the several inexpensive but reliable service that could port your phone number.

Second one: Rebtel

Rebtel is an app that is developed by the world second largest VoIP company. It is widely used in North America and Europe. It offer customers with economical call rate and it is really a simple phone app. It is said to be the best way to make international phone calls. You can use it in your Nexus 4 to make your phone call experience amazing. Customer who had used it before said that it is the easiest and nicest way to call anyone in the world. Also you can text to anyone in the world through your Nexus 4 with Rebtel. The only thing you should do is entering the phone number you will call and then press the call button. There is no other thing needed.

The above mention two apps are those I have heard mostly. You can also Google some other apps that may give you similar service. You can also Google customer reviews and other related introduction information about the two apps to see if they meet your special requirements.

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