VPN Connection Problem of Samsung Galaxy Proclaim

It is unavoidable that according to customer demand, Operating System get more and more complicated no matter for computer or Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, which will cause some troublesome. Recently, I just got an irritating problem with when I use my Samsung Galaxy Proclaim which uses Android as its operating system. The VPN connection has a problem. I always got an Attention box that says “unable to connect to the network. Do you want to try again?”. We all know that VPN is the foundation of any successful network. So, we will help your figure out VPN Connection Problem of Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. We can not find a final solution about this problem but we can minimize the opportunity of meeting it. To figure out this problem, you should know what reasons caused the problem.

First, you should have been noticed that when you try to connect to work server but it gets connected with home server under same Samsung Galaxy Proclaim setting with an error saying “hung up server”. For some phones, it will show the message of “VPN not supported” which needs to be fixed through Samsung Galaxy Proclaim reset.

Second, Most of the VPN connection problem arises because people used the VPN trail version rather than the full version. The version can make the difference in connection. You can buy a full version and make you connection stable and quicker.

Third, VPN connection problem can also occurred due to Samsung Galaxy Proclaim firewall. Firewall can prevent connection from being into action. Also, when a Wi-Fi is connected the VPN connection problem occurs to be trouble free and connects to it.

Such devices as Motorola are having VPN connection problem with Droids as its connection is slower and it can only work after several time of trying. It can be VZW rather than any data concern for Droids that blocks connectivity. You can install wireless Tether on your Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, which provides different IP block to the tethered devices.

All general IPs are firewalled by ISP Verizon because accounts of Broadband Mobile Verizon are restricted. It problem not only occurs on Android devices but many other devices with different brand name.

Another method to avoid such problem on Android devices is to get PDANET before the connecting being stopped.

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